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PRIVACY STATEMENT Privacy This privacy statement tells you how we handle the agency with your information. What data are recorded by us? You sell or rent your property when you call us as a broker in the sale or rental of your property, our agency submits the following information attached: - your name, address and contact information such as your phone number and email address - the reason for selling or rental, for example, larger living or change of job - the date of notification of the object and the time that the object for sale or rent is or was - the definition and characteristics of the object as the asking price or rent, the year, the surfaces and layout, cadastral data and real-property value - images such as photos and videos of the object. - the reason for a possible withdrawal of the conciliation procedure - if the item is sold or leased, the transaction data such as sales or rental price and the transaction date - other information you provide to us , you are looking for a different object When you us agency engages in the purchase or rental of a property or an appointment occurs with an object, our agency can capture the following information: - your name, address and contact information such as your phone number and email address - search profile that your wishes about an object included - information about your current location, such as the purchase or rent the reason for purchase or rent, for example, larger living or change of job - your age and income group and family structure - if you bought an item or rented: the transaction data such as purchase or rental price and the transaction date - other information you provide to us will not buy or rent a property va n someone who uses our agency. If you bought an item or rented and the seller or lessor assisted by our agency, our agency can capture the following information: - your name, address and contact information such as your phone number and email address - information about the object which purchased or leased as the address, characteristics of the property, the purchase or rental price and the trade date - the reasons for sale or rent - your age and income group and family structure - data on your old property such as the purchase or rental - other information you provide to us where our agency uses this information for? You sell or rent your property if you are looking for a different objectOur agency uses your information to carry out the mediation mission that you have given us. Your data may also be used: - to bring your property to the public's attention, for example Funda, on our agency website or sales brochures - to conduct appraisals and other valuations (your object is only used as a reference piece) - to perform analysis and reporting that our agency can improve services - for sending information about products and services of our agency; if you want to opt out please do contact us. You're looking at another object When you enable our agency to purchase or lease of an object or an appointment occurs with an object. Your data may also be used: - to send information on other objects - to perform analysis and reporting so we can improve our services - to create formal documents; Deed, sales contract, (OTD) Contract for services or Estimation You buy or rent a property from someone who uses the services of our agency. Our agency uses your information to maintain contact with you, for example, to send you the contract. Your data may also be used: - for advisory purposes, when requested to do so - to perform analysis and reporting so we can improve our services - to create formal documents; Deed, sales contract, (OTD) Contract for services or Estimation Security and retention Our agency will ensure that your data is adequately protected so your data is protected from unauthorized use, unauthorized access, alteration and unlawful destruction. Your data will be stored as long as necessary for the purposes identified above or to the extent necessary to comply with legal obligations and to resolve any disputes. Access, correction and deletion requests for access, targeting correction or deletion of data in our agency stating your name and address. Our agency will respond in principle within four weeks on a request for access or correction request. In case of a request for removal our agency will remove the personal data as soon as possible, except to the extent required by law to keep the personal data or (other) compelling reasons to oppose removal. Ask? Your broker takes your privacy very seriously. If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact our agency. COOKIE LAW Cookies on this website This page provides more information on what cookies are exactly what cookies are used by this site and how you can influence cookies. What are cookies? A cookie is a piece of text that is given to a visiting browser by a web server in the hope and expectation that the browser rendering follow-up visit. The cookie is a supplement to the HTTP specification. The Hypertext Transfer Protocol is used by everyone who visits a website: it controls the communication between a web server and a browser. It is not designed to consecutive pages look like to see a whole. Therefore it is not readily possible to retrieve follow-up visit data or settings. In order to still allow the cookie and set-cookie headers for HTTP in 1997 introduced . This specification was last updated in April 2011 and is currently going through life as RFC 6265 HTTP State Management Mechanism . How cookies work? Contrary to what politicians sometimes argue, cookies themselves no utilities and no files, and is technically not stored on the visitor's computer by the web server. The latter browser can decide all by itself. Eventually, cookies are often saved as a file, but a Web server can not force a browser to save or return at a later visit actually cookies. A cookie is always tied to a specific domain or subdomain. Examples of a domain and a subdomain are, for example: and Cookies are therefore only returned to the same domain, and where they come from. Thus you sure only the servers of this website receive cookies that were previously obtained from this website. Also through javascript can only be accessed on the website until the cookies placed by this website. An important point of cookies is that they at all can be received HTTP request and that all known relevant cookies to each be sent request. That also applies to the requests that are retrieved images, javascript and css files for a web page. Of course, also then applied to the control domain. First-party cookies Cookies you for the same Domain get when you visit are called first-party cookies. When the cookies of this website viewing this page are therefore first-party cookies. Third-party cookies is also possible that a website contains elements of third parties. Notable examples include embedded videos, ads and social media buttons. If these elements from their own servers cookies are sent, which are called third-party cookies. It is therefore possible that you will receive when visiting this site third-party cookies for, and other third party websites. Through the operation of HTTP cookies and security around is not possible for the broker to exercise the most hours of third-party cookies influence. What other storage there for websites? In addition to cookies, there are more possibilities for storage in the browser created since 1997. Because here hardly use is made, they are only briefly touched upon. Flash applications have their own form of cookies, similar to HTTP. Except for capturing user preferences such as image quality and the Autoplay feature in the video player to the website does not do anything with these types of cookies. HTML5 local storage is a recent development. Web applications can make use of to - compared to cookies - free store large amounts of data. Because of limited support in browsers is not taken by this website. Where use cookies on this website? With cookies it is possible to recover in subsequent visit information from previous visits. If you have made certain settings and you certain site elements've seen before. Cookies that the functioning of the site to customize your needs, called functional cookies . In addition to the site, cookies may be used to know a visitor previously been on the site. In this way statistics are collected on the use of the website. A famous example is Google Analytics. This only works with anonymous statistical information used by us to analyze the operation of the site and improve. This website currently uses Google Analytics to collect statistics. Information about your visit behavior can also be used to match ads to your interests. This broker used previously only anonymous information about pages you have previously visited on this website. What cookies are used? Below is a list of first-party cookies that are placed on this website or leave places. cookie Name Target Non-functional cookies _gat, _GA, GAT_MakelaarTracker, _GID or the name or _GID GA Cookies that use Google Analytics to track visitor statistics. saved Homes Cookie to remember if a user has saved a home. ShowCMSOverlay Cookie to display a portal page or not, if the user has already been spent on the site. Which cookies to other sites when you visit this website On this website it is possible to share pages with others via various social media buttons for Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter. Provider / Url Target Facebook, Google +1, LinkedIn, Twitter Social Media buttons at various locations on this website. Cookies, for example, maintained or you have pressed the Facebook button "Like". and various other video hosters. In videos posted on this website by the broker, often cookies are placed. The famous video hoster is YouTube, but there are many more. Various partners in the field of automated trading and real-time bidding if the broker is using Facebook Ads. Different kinds of cookies among others to recognize you as a visitor, information on the use of the website and save your preferences, to predict your preferences, ads may have directed to your preferences and / or to use frequency caps. There retargeting cookies can be placed to reach you again through ads on other websites. Contain cookies from this website information about my personal data No. Your name, age, gender and other personal data are never stored in a cookie. How can I refuse cookies? Without cookies, it is almost impossible for us to you as a visitor to give the best experience when visiting the site. That has to do with analyzing web statistics to determine how the site should look and navigate from there, but also to determine what content is popular and what is not actually read by our visitors. Although we are not required for these cookies to ask third parties permission (the responsibility lies with the third party, so for example, YouTube), we are obliged to remove the content at the time that the third party to request failed permission . This would mean that we are at the moment that even a single person complain about a picture or video that should remove for everyone, or should develop technology that enables individual users to filter individual content. This is practically almost impossible to implement. How do I delete cookies? Delete cookies in Internet Explorer 1. Go to Tools> Internet Options> General tab. Under Browsing History on Remove . 2. You may not want to delete everything. Make sure at least Cookies is checked, and click Remove . delete cookies in Firefox 1. Go to Tools> Options> Privacy tab. Click Clear your recent history . 2. Under Details you can say what you want to delete exactly. Vink in any case Cookies to. You can also specify how old must have cookies. Choose All . Delete cookies in Chrome 1. Click the three dozen dashes top right. Click Options> Advanced Options tab. Under Privacy on Clear browsing data ... 2. Make at least that cookies and other site data is checked. You can also specify how old must have cookies. Choose All . Questions and complaints If you have questions regarding this cookie message then you can always contact us. This cookie list was last updated on Juni 1, 2018

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