Energy Performance Label

The energy label shows how energy efficient a building is. As a property owner, you must give the energy label to the tenant on rental. The energy label shows with label classes (A to G ++) how energy efficient a building is. The label also provides insight into measures that save energy. Homes with an A (++) label are energy economical. Homes that are the least economical get a G label.

You can receive an energy label for your home by an authorized (certified) advisor. The consultant will come over and examine your house on a number of points. After the investigation, he sets the energy label. The energy label is valid for a maximum of 10 years.

On the energy label, there is information about:

  • The insulation of the roof, the house front, walls, windows and floors;
  • The energy consumption of, for example, your central heating (CV);
  • How to make the building (even) more energy efficient;

In addition, a high number of points are rewarded to an energy label, so that, in order to reach a 145 points (liberalization boundary), it is essential that your home has an energy label.

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