Home Caretaking

What happens when you are renting an apartment of own an apartment, but you want or need to leave temporarily? You are not sure whether you’ll like living together? Will you be working or studying elsewhere temporarily?

In such cases, “home caretaking” provides the solution. Home caretaking allows you to have someone else live in your home legally as a caretaker for up to two years. House caretaking can be applied in the case of:

  • Temporary work or study outside the region;
  • A prolonged intake for nursing, detention or a long vacation/trip around the world;
  • “Trial cohabitation”. You can try it out together the first year. If the cohabitation doesn’t work you can go back to your own home.

Application at the municipality

When hiring under home caretaking, you must obtain permission from the municipality. This can be done via the ‘request housekeeping’ form of the City of Maastricht (we can deliver this form). Should you not be the owner of the property then it is important that you first get permission from your landlord before the municipality can process your application. Should you choose this option of hiring, we can supply the correct form.


The fee that you can ask for home caretaking may consist of the following components: Rent;

  • Costs for gas and electricity;
  • Fee for use of the furniture;
  • Municipal duties/taxes.

The monthly rent charged should be very reasonable. This means that when you are the tenant of the house, you should not ask for a higher rent for the home than what you pay yourself. If you are the owner of the property, a reasonable compensation applies based on the rental value of the property according to the point system.

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